A-tension - harmony (remixes) - Camila Cabello Dishes On Her Dramatic Fifth Harmony.

The philosophical background to his philosophical ideas can be traced back to Reinhold’s lectures and publications on Kant’s philosophy in the late 1780’s and early 1790’s. Reinhold, who was one of the main expositors of Kantian critical thought of that period, developed a philosophical system essentially aimed at providing Kant’s critical philosophy with a first principle. The need to underpin Kant’s system with such a ground was to prove a fundamental, but contentious, issue for the philosophical developments of the 1790’s in Germany.

Cabello admits her revelation may have created a rift in the group. When asked if she’s been in touch with any members of Fifth Harmony, she responded with a flat “no.”

A-Tension - Harmony (Remixes)A-Tension - Harmony (Remixes)A-Tension - Harmony (Remixes)A-Tension - Harmony (Remixes)