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For her two promotions, the same rules apply for her as they do to Joshua. The higher statistical bonuses and critical chance of Swordmaster will make her a better fighter than her alternative choice, Assassin . The ability to use lockpicks does give her some utility however, though the keys buyable on the world map lessen that somewhat. It should be noted, that unlike Joshua , Assassin 's stats caps do fit her growths better than they did for him, though Swordmaster's are still higher overall.

Cardinal Crimson Promotion ( 真紅の赫龍帝 カーディナル・クリムゾン・プロモーション , Kādinaru Kurimuzon Puromōshon ), also known as the True Crimson Dragon Emperor , is Scale Mail's Queen form that debuted in Volume 10 of the light novels during Rias ' Rating Game battle against Sairaorg . It changes the color of Issei's armor to crimson. Cardinal Crimson Promotion incorporates all three Evil Pieces traits, making it the most balanced and most powerful form of Issei's Scale Mail. However, for full use, it requires all Illegal Move Triaina forms to be fully developed and mastered before it can be completely stabilized, and its full power brought out.

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Cockroach soldiers (Level 36, 26%) have an especially favourable effective drop rate to combat level ratio for monsters without high requirements.

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Crimson Divine, The - DemoCrimson Divine, The - DemoCrimson Divine, The - DemoCrimson Divine, The - Demo